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Teeth Whitening- Kor Deep Bleaching System



Kor Deep Bleaching System For Teeth Whitening

The only whitening system that removes Tetracycline staining. Call us for more information on this amazing whithening system. Please note the following pictures have not been altered or touched up. Before and After pictures are taken with the same shade guide that matched the teeth before whitening.

  Before                                                                After

before_kor_1_30075511_std.jpg   after_kor_1_30075725_std.jpg 

before_kor_2_30075900_std.jpg  after_kor_2_30075952_std.jpg

X02490.JPG   X02490_1.JPG  


kor2_1.jpg   kor2_2.jpg  

kor1.jpg   kor1_1.jpg  

kor3_1.jpg   kor3_2.jpg  

Please note the before (Left) and after (Right) shade of the teeth compared to the same shade guide.


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